I have my roots in traditional art and animation and started to use the computer
as an artistic tool in 2000 while I was working for film/ advertising and design
agencies as an illustrator and animator. The endless opportunities of working
digitally fascinated me from the start and I began to improve my technical skills
in painting my pencil drawn illustrations digitally step by step.

Without having the serious intention to get into the art business I created my
artworks for myself first until I met Yasha Young from Strychnin Gallery / NY /
Berlin in 2006 who encouraged me to work as a full time artist alongside other
international artists represented by this gallery.
Since then I had the amazing opportunity to take part in several exhibitions
and artfairs worldwide working with different international galleries art projects

My artwork is based on pencil and ink illustrations which still is the most creative
part of the time- consuming process of developping a digital painting. I am using
a cintiq/ wacom as a canvas where the pen is my paintbrush having numerous
layers of different shades. It is very comparable with working on a traditional
painted piece.
My bigger works with up to 30 characters/ figures or more involved usually take
about 6 months to get finished and span about 2 meters in length or larger. They
are printed on museum quality paper laminated on dibond and hand sealed with
an acrylic varnish by myself. They generally are original pieces in that sizes
and became the key to my artistic identity over the last years.